Is your school government approved?
Yes, we are approved.

I would love to know about admission process of the school
Kindly obtain a form online or from the Bursary Department in the school and pay a sum of 2,500(Secondary School), 1,500 (Primary School) as form fee for day students/Pupils and 5,000 (Secondary School), 3,000 (Primary School) for Boarding students/Pupils.

Enclosed in the form is the bill and all requirements, thank you.

How much is the school fees?
When you obtain the form, enclose with it is the details of the school bill for different category of students/pupils.

What about the List of Books and How can I get them?
All the textbooks needed for the session are readily made available in the school bookshops.

What is the mode of payment of School fees?
The mode of payment is Bank Deposit/Transfer, the school account details are written on the admission letter given to the newly admitted students/Pupils.

The students/Pupils results could be accessed online by login into the students/Pupils portal on the school websites by the Parents/Guardians.

Kindly send a mail to